FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to study in Ukraine After COVID-19 ?

YES, it is safe. Cimpare to population of Ukraine cases are less so it is safe after COVID-19 to travel and study in Ukraine.

Q: Can Student Pay Fees in Installments ?

YES, one can pay fees in installments as well as semester wise.

Q: Can we get personal assistance to choose University in Our budget ?

FlyHigh Education Consultancy helps to choose university in your budget and other interest too.

Q: Is there any entrance exam in abroad for MBBS ?

No there is no any extrance exam for MBBS in abroad.

Q: When the academic year does start in abroad ?

Academic year in all universities of abroad starts from 1st september And also some universities provide seconde intake in jan or feb.

Q: Can i get education loan?

FLYHIGH EDUCATION CONSULTANCY provides the necessary documents required for Education loan from private and nationalized banks.

Q: What will be the average monthly expenses ?

As per our experts at FlyHigh Consultancy; student should need approximately 100$ per month apart from mess Note: this figure is approx and would differ on individual lifestyle.

Q: What is medium of teaching ?

Medium of intructions is in english.